Rental Homes in Memphis, TN- Why You Should Look To Rural Communities

Rental Homes in Memphis, TN- Why To Look Towards Rural West TN

Rental homes in Memphis, TN may have a lower average rent and lower cost of living than many other big cities, but at what cost? It is one of the most dangerous cities in the nation. There are some great suburbs around it, but they are expensive. Germantown, Cordova, and Collierville are all fairly steep. However, Memphis is a great place to visit:

  • Memphis Style BBQ
  • Graceland
  • Pink Palace
  • Children’s Museum
  • Memphis Zoo
  • Many other attractions

If Memphis is dangerous to live in, but it is considered affordable, what is another option? Is there one?

Rental Homes in Memphis, TNThere is Another Option- Rural West TN

Tennessee has a fairly low cost of living overall, especially in rural areas. Rural areas are very affordable-and safe-places to rent. Smaller neighborhoods allow you to more easily gage who your neighbors will be in contrast to an apartment complex or a suburb. Parks and nature are also nearby. Our Hardeman County rental homes, in Toone, TN, are about an hour east of Memphis. With a short drive, you can experience all that is good in Memphis while living in a safe and affordable environment. Also, being an hour east of Memphis is that much closer to all the other great things to experience in Tennessee. Within Old Hatchee Properties vicinity is the Hatchie River, Chickasaw State Park, and Big Hill Pond State Park. North of us is Jackson, TN. To the southwest are Pickwick Landing and Shiloh National Military Park. Check out some of the things West Tennessee has to offer here:


If you want to live in an affordable home that is in a safe environment, check out our properties for rent!

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